Shinichiro Abe

Shinichiro Abe

As a pioneer in the practice of Japanese restructuring/insolvency law, Shinichiro Abe has extensive experience with domestic and crossborder matters in this field. Mr. Abe is renown as an advisor on business restructurings and reorganizations, including distressed M&A. His practice also includes litigation, arbitration, M&A, anti-trust, compliance and general corporate. Mr. Abe is also the author of numerous publications and is frequently a speaker at seminars as well as international conferences and other events. Apart from client work, Mr. Abe is also teaches as a visiting professor at [Chuo Law School] teaching restructuring law and at Kokushikan Graduate School of Law teaching company law.

Mr. Abe also has positions and memberships with various professional associations. Mr. Abe is the president of Japan Institute for International Arbitration Research and Training (JIIART); an executive member of the Japanese Association of Turnaround Professionals; a board member of the Japan Federation of Insolvency Professionals; a board member of the Japan/Asia section of the International Insolvency Institute(III) as well as a member of the International Bar Association(IBA), the New York Bar Association, the American Bankruptcy Institute and Japanese American Society for Legal Studies,
He is also the former head of the Insolvency Law section of the Inter Pacific International Bar (IPBA) Association.

[ Bar Admissions ] Japan, 1994

[ Education ] Waseda Graduate School of Law (LL.M, 1989 ); UCLA School of Law (LL.M., 2001)

[ Languages ] Japanese, English


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